Stats Overview not showing in phplist 3.3.1-RC1

I don’t see current mail campaign’s stats overview in v3.3.1. I can see view open stats and click stats but not Stats Overview.

Anyone else?

@2by4llc It seems to be a problem when minified js/css is used, now the default. I didn’t get any results for the stats overview, view opens or campaign click statistics.

define('USE_MINIFIED_ASSETS', true);

If you change that to be false then the stats are displayed.

Seems to be a problem only with the “phplist default” theme. If you change to the Dressprow theme, on the Settings page, then the stats pages do display.

what’s the path to the file this is this in? I can’t find it…

@2by4llc It is the config.php file. If that line is not present then you need to add it, but with false instead of true.

But you can change the phplist theme on the Settings page to either dressprow or trevelin and the problem should then not occur.