STATISTICS OVERVIEW not showing the Opened OR Clicked records

  1. I have setup all the content on my test server.
  2. And create a import users in a list.
  3. Now I have created a new campaign and set time for sending email.
  4. I have recieved emails with template.
  5. But when I an checking the ‘STATISTICS OVERVIEW’ it shows the campaign but not showing how many users “Opened OR Clicked” this campaign emails.

Kindly provide the reason why it is not showing the “Opened OR Clicked” LOG. Is something is missing from my end. I mean is anything missing in configuration?
Please let me know if you need details of my files OR login credentials.

Greetings of the Day!
I am still waiting for your reply. Kindly reply why ‘Opened OR Clicked’ LOG is not showing on STATISTICS OVERVIEW tab. Is something missing from my end. My work got stuck.

Hi Guys,
Greetings of the Day!
Kindly please reply my query. I don’t know how can ‘Opened OR Clicked’ LOG will appear.