STATISTICS not working


I have installed phplist 3.0.12 on centos 7 but my statistics not working


Please suggest wat I am missing ?

You mean you get no data? Have you got link tracking turned on? Also, are you sending html campaigns, and are you sure all your subscribers have html set as their campaign type?

Hi Anna
Thanks for reply. Its working now ,previously I have setup amazon ec2 instance RHEL 7 and db 5.6 its was not working with this configuration so I tested on my local ubuntu 14.04(apache php54 and mysql 5.5) and created new instance of ubuntu , now its working might be some issue with DB5.6 PHP5.6 rhel version.

thanks, can you make a bug report? Details on how to do that are here:

I also have PHP list setup on an EC2 instance in AWS and find that it is also not gathering any open or click statistics. Any updates?

If you think it something specific to do with AWS, can you make a but report. Don’t think one was made before.

same problem. where do I have to turn on “link tracking”?

can you share your config on apache server. My links are not feeding stats to my local host db.

Hi Anna, I have the same problem. where do I have to turn on “link tracking”? but maybe its another problem because statistics worked fine until april 2016. since then I dont get any data.

Do I understand correctly that you have to send an html campaign to get open and view data? I sent my first campaign and I could see subscribers opening the message through real-time Google Analytics, but no opens or views were recorded in phpList?

I sent everyone a text message.