Some Required Information Is Missing

I am a new user of Phplist. Since I couldn’t find similar thread to this issue on the forum I decided to ask for help anyway :grin:

I see this issue when I reach out to finish tab, but I don’t know what that means I also haven’t found a solution while been researching. Any thoughts regarding that?

When sending a Campaign (which is what this looks like to me), you need to go to Tab 6 at the top and select which list you will be sending this to. You need to select at least one list. IF you want to do a test, at the bottom of each of the screens, there is a field to enter a test email address to test this with. Just remember, the email address must already be a subscriber for the test to work.

Hope that helps,
Doug (a fellow phpList User)

Thank you Dougster for your answer. It helps me a lot in understanding the issue.