Some mails sent with CLICKTARCK enabled when it is disabled


Yesterday we sent a massive mailing of about 12.000 mails (configured to send an email each 5 seconds), and everything went good so far, but, some of the users noticed that the URLs from that email had internal links to our site, like when CLICKTRACK is enabled, whith links like http://servername/lists/lt.php?id=ZERSBh4AUE4LDgIB

The thing is that we don’t have CLICKTRACK enabled at all, and most of the mails are sent with the correct URLs, also the initial tests we performed…

Also, we didn’t change anything from config.php or so, we just started the sending with the command line parameter, and left the server working, that’s all.

Maybe this is some kind of bug…?

Many thanks in advance.


@ribanez Do you mean that a particular link in the email has been converted for click tracking for some users, but left alone for other users?

Which release of phplist are you using? And what is the background to this? Is it a new installation of phplist and this is the first time that you are sending, or have previous messges always been sent with correct link urls?

Hi Duncanc,

I mean all the links in the message body. But, it only changed the links in some of the emails, like if, in the middle of the campaign, something changed the setting CLICKTRACK to 1, and then again to 0. Of course, we didn’t make any change.

We are using phpList v3.2.5, and this is the first huge mailing we make, but first we performed some tests with good results and correct links.

@ribanez I can’t see a reason why this would happen unless CLICKTRACK was enabled. This is the line of code which tests whether to convert links

if (CLICKTRACK && $hash != 'forwarded' && !empty($userdata['id'])) {

so if CLICKTRACK is false then links should remain unchanged - but I know that is not what has happened in your case.

You mentioned running phplilst from the command line. What is the command that you use?, Also are you using batch processing?
Do you have any plugins installed?

Hi Duncanc,

The exact command I used to run it was:

while true; do php /var/www/html/lists/admin/index.php -c/var/www/html/lists/config/config.php -pprocessqueue; done

It was not actually a batch processing, but kind of. I know it isn’t the best way to proceed, but this phpList installation was deployed only for this special campaign, and this campaign was for sure the only in the queue of this phpList installation.

These are the only changes we made to the config.php file (besides the basics: PHPMAILERHOST, TEST, and database settings):
define(‘MAX_PROCESS_MESSAGE’, 999);

(For sure, there are better ways of setting batch_period and batch_size to not keep running continuously the queuing process…, but we wanted to make sure mails were being sent each 5 seconds)


@ribanez You didn’t mention setting CLICKTRACK in the config file. Did you set it to 0?

Hi duncanc,

No, I didn’t configured it in config.php, since as I read in the config_extend.php about CLICKTARCK it says: “for now it’s off by default until we think it works correctly”.

Maybe it was activated for some reason because it was not specifically configured to 0 in config.php?

Many thanks for your assistance.


@ribanez If it is not specified in the config file then CLICKTRACK is enabled, which kind of conflicts with config_extended.php,
But even so that doesn’ explain why some subscribers received emails with the original links and others received emails with converted links.

Hi Duncanc,

In fact, the vast majority of the emails were sent with the correct links.

Indeed, in config_extended.php CLICKTRACK is set to 0, but as I could check with other options, that config file is not having actual effect in the phpList deployment.

Also, just in case I’ve confirmed the config.php file was not modified (nor even accessed) after the campaign started. So, maybe is there any option in the graphical interface to activate this option?



Config.php file Vs config_extended.php

Ok, so, I understand config_extended.php is not a file actually taking action in the configuration of phplist. In fact, all my desired configuration options were placed in config.php, except specifying manually that I wanted CLICKTRACK=0 (thinking that it was the default behavior).

Anyway, the problem is that there were some mails sent with this option deactivated and few others (not so much of them) with the option activated (or, at least, with the links modified as per CLICKTRACK).

These are the config options defined in my config.php file. I think there is nothing so complex, most of them by default, except CREDITS and queue processing options.

$database_host = ‘xxxxxxxx’;
$database_name = ‘xxxxxxx’;
$database_user = ‘xxxxxxx’;
$database_password = ‘xxxxxxxxx’;
define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’);
define(‘TEST’, 0);

$bounce_protocol = ‘pop’;
$bounce_mailbox_host = ‘localhost’;
$bounce_mailbox_user = ‘popuser’;
$bounce_mailbox_password = ‘password’;
$bounce_mailbox_port = ‘110/pop3/notls’;
$bounce_mailbox = ‘/var/mail/listbounces’;
$bounce_mailbox_purge = 1;
$bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessed = 1;
$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 5;
define(‘ENCRYPTION_ALGO’, ‘sha256’);
define(‘REGISTER’, 1);

define(‘MAX_PROCESS_MESSAGE’, 999);



@ribanez Sorry but I don’t have any further ideas as why this problem happened. Unless the problem is repeatable then it will be difficult to find the reason.

Hi Duncanc,

I understand. If we face the same behavior I will let you know with more details if possible.

Thank you very much for your support.