{SOLVED} Unintentional Unsubscriptions


We are having some users reporting that they received the “you have been unsubscribed…” but they haven’t done “anything”.

I have read that some spam filters might follow links on emails to ensure that they don’t lead to malicious content.

I have also noticed that the unsubscribe link is closed to the forward link in our template, and perhaps… there could be accidental clicks.

However, as much as we want to make it easy for people to unsubscribe we think there should be a confirmation step on the subscription page. Ideally just a single action button with “yes, unsubscribe”, or similar.

I have read some other thread that point to the following option:


But I am not too sure how it works because in our case the setting is:

/opt/phplist/public_html/lists/config$ egrep -i JUMP *
config_extended.php:define('UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF', 0);

Yet, once the user clicks on unsubscribe there is no confirmation at all.

How can I setup phplist to request minimal confirmation from the user before unsubscription?

oopss, I noticed that once the setting is in config.php it does work

Yes, only the config.php file is used by phpList, as stated the config_extended file is there in case you need all the options phpList offers, just rename to replace the basic config file. (Or copy the necessary bits you want into the config.php file).

In my last email blast i had a few users who unsubscribed / got blacklisted, which is unusual. when i contacted them they all said they had not wanted to unsubscribe.

2 had replied to the email
1 had forwarded the mail

as a result of these actions they received a message saying they were unsubscribed.

in future i will remove the unsubscribe link , leaving only the link to update their details ( which includes the possibility of unsubscribing) in case they clicked on this by mistake but I got the impression is was simply as a result of the actions described above that they were unsubscribed.
then again I got a few users who replied, without being unsubscribed/ blacklisted! so I dont know