[SOLVED] Unable to download the latest phpList Docker image

Hi guys

i’ve just tried to pull the latest docker Image for phplist but just get this error:

$ docker pull docker.phplist.com:5000/phplist:3.3.3
Error response from daemon: Get https://docker.phplist.com:5000/v2/phplist/manifests/3.3.3: no basic auth credentials

i’ve also tried to start the downloaded yml file directly bot got the same Problem (here for the DB)

Creating network "phplisttest_default" with the default driver
Creating volume "phplisttest_images" with default driver
Creating volume "phplisttest_mailhost_spool" with default driver
Pulling dbhost (docker.phplist.com:5000/testdata:3.3.2)...
ERROR: Get https://docker.phplist.com:5000/v2/testdata/manifests/3.3.2: no basic auth credentials

do i have to deliver any creds for the download?

i took the download link from here: https://www.phplist.org/download-phplist/


@michiel May be able to help here

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Tried this now on several devices, always with the same error…

Does nobody uses phpList in Docker? :stuck_out_tongue: just curious that this error doesn’t get more attention.

that’s the internal docker registry and only available to phpList team members. I haven’t published the latest docker images yet, but they would be on the global docker registry https://hub.docker.com/r/phplist/phplist/

I will work on those, should be available soon.

Where did you fetch those locations from ? The official docker configuration is at https://github.com/phpList/phplist-docker

Ah, I noticed the .yml file on https://sourceforge.net/projects/phplist/files/phplist/3.3.3/

I’ve removed it, but I will start adding those to be the official ones.


Hi @michiel

I was aware of the image at https://hub.docker.com/r/phplist/phplist/ but saw on your website you released a new version, so i tried it.

I see you found the .yml file containing the address. - maybe you consider to filter traffic at port 5000 when it’s just meant to be used by team members :slight_smile:

Anyway thx for the clarification, would be nice to get some sort of notification when the new image is ready.

keep up the good work! :+1:

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