[SOLVED] Show the contents of "Terms of Service"

I’m using 3.3.3.
I added a required “Terms of Service” checkbox to my subscription form.
What is the best way to show these terms to a user e.g. in a popup window?
I think that a user should be offered the possibility to see the terms before accepting them.

By default there is no way to include the full text of the TOS; it is assumed that the parent website on the primary domain hosting the phpList installation makes the terms accessible. However it would be convenient to be able to link or include the terms on subscription pages, as you say.

Editing the attribute label in the database to include a direct link to your TOS may work. Possibly you could save a script there which would produce a pop-up containing the full terms.

If you code a reusable solution for this, please share it via a Pull Request.

Editing the attribute in the db kind of works. I ended up to remove the TOS checkbox.
Instead, I added something like this to the confirmation email: “by clicking the confirmation link you accept our tems and conditions, which can be seen here”.
I finally managed to add html into the transaction message.

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@veltsu Good solution