[SOLVED] Set default lists in subscribe page to checked

I can’t see any way to set the List boxes to “checked” on the Subscribe Page. When i had only one List, it subscribed new users to it. With 2 Lists, it asks for the list(s) to be selected, but the default is Not Checked.

How do I default the Lists to Checked?

Hi, just to clarify, do you want everyone to be on both lists? What is the function of having the two lists?

Ideally, people will only be subscribed to 1) only mails they are really interested in and 2) the minimum number of mails they are interested in if you send a lot. If people are getting mails they are not very interested in, you will have a bad list - they will start to ignore your campaigns etc. It’s generally better to opt in rather than opt out.

That said, it’s possible that you are just having an organisational issue here, and that is why you are asking.

I thought the question was clear, but making the lists default to checked may be too difficult.

It’s not that the question was unclear, but the reason behind it is important. What do you aim to achieve?


Here is an example of what I would like to do in my website that talk about health.

Health (checked)
Foot health (checked, because the user come form a webpage that talk about how to cure dry feet)
Losing weight (unchecked)
Eyes health (unchecked)

For each newsletter I am sending a set of predefined emails.

On an other subscription page I will have eyes health checked but fot feet health.

It’s been A/B tested and it works well for me. So I am also wondering how to do that and I think the question really makes sens.



Hello wedmet,

You can do this adding javascript code that will check chat you want. In your subscribe page edition, in the header section, you canreplace

<body ..


function onPageLoaded(){
document.getElementsByName('list<7>')[0].checked = true;
<body class="fixed" onload="onPageLoaded()">

Regarding this line

document.getElementsByName('list<7>')[0].checked = true;

You will want one line like by checkbox you want to check. You will need to replace ‘list<7>’ by the checkbox name. To find it, you can display the source code of the page and look for <input type=“checkbox”.



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Many thanks Cédric, this worked perfectly with a minor edit.

This line:
document.getElementsByName('list<7>')[0].checked = true;

Changed to square brackets:
document.getElementsByName('list[7]')[0].checked = true;


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