[SOLVED] Question on importing and updating Users

I manage a membership of about 6500 users, and record email, name, region, county and membership number so that I can target the newsletters they receive.
As you would expect some of these people have unsubscribed from some lists, and some have bounced and so are blacklisted.
Each week I get a new spreadsheet with new members, and some of the existing members have moved counties or updated their names etc.
In a previous newsletter software, I simply imported the whole spreadsheet and it updated user attributes, but did not alter the subscribed/unsubscribed to lists data, nor the blacklisted data.
Is it possible to import a csv of users to update their data without altering their list choices or whether they are blacklisted or not?

@sjgarth I think that you will have to test out a small import file that covers the combinations you are concerned about. My recollection is that the confirmed and blacklisted statuses are not changed when importing and updating an existing subscriber, but when importing a new subscriber they will be set to confirmed.

Also, when importing there is no need to specify a list.

Oops, you are correct. I was expecting a button or similar to tell it to do that.
I can confirm that a user who is on the blacklist (whether set by themselves or the admin) do remain on the blacklist after an import to update. Also I can confirm that data is updated while they are on the blacklist.
Sorry to waste your time, I should have tried it before I posted.
That said, it would be nice if this was clear in the manual, I couldn’t find it.