Solved: Problems with installation: continue button is dead

i’m trying to set up a new 3.3.1-rc1 installationo on a shared host.
I untared the archive, copied the lists-folder an set up the config.php file.

My problem is, that after entering the data on the first page of the “initialize database” wizard, the “continue” button is completely dead. It just doesn’t do anything. When closing the warning about the test-mode, it responds with a session timeout message.

Visiting the startpage, it complains about not finding the database tables, as it should. So the database is accessed.

I’ve no log-entry on the webserver either.

Can anybody give me a hint on whats going wrong?


Did some more testing. I’m experimenting the same problem with phplist 3.2.7 on the shared host, both versions with php 5.6 and php7.

The same on my local machine (ubuntu/apache/php7) with phplist 3.3.1

@afromm This used to happen when you had not entered a valid password.

Well, that was it.

Thank you!

I used the password generator of my password vault app which generates password that are 1 character too long.