[SOLVED]Problems delete record in subscriber attributes

Hi there

I’m trying to delete record in subscriber attributes, I get the following error message

“Error: You do not have sufficient access”

attributes type is checkboxgroup

account access is super admin
mysql user has root access

phplist v3.2.4
chrome 47.0 or IE 11
php 5.5.31
apache 2.4.12
mysql 5.5.41

I also tried php v3.2.3 and V3.0.7
3.2.3 new install -> error: no access
3.0.7 with V3.2.4 database -> succeed

Can someone help please?

There isn’t a page called “Subscriber attributes” so which page are you on or trying to access when the error happens?
What are the steps to create the error?

Hi Duncanc
in URL page=editattributes
in page title called “CONFIGURE ATTRIBUTES”

I was created a few records in subscriber attributes page . there are some records I don’t need it . so I want to delete those records on configure attributes page. then i click on trush icon then thing happened

configure attributes page in main menu at to top “subscribers” -> “manager subscribers” -> below the “edit values for attributes” title ,click on type of checkboxgroup values

@lesliecn I can repeat the problem and have reported it on the bug tracking system https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=17996

I cannot see a way to remove unwanted attribute values, but you can make a small change to the phplist code as a work-around. In file admin/editattributes.php remove lines 153-157

 if (!verifyToken()) {
     print Error(s('No Access'));


That change will allow you to delete an attribute value.


Hi duncanc

it’s work for me~~…Thanks~


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do you have a workaround also vor the latest version of phplists?

Those lines of code are not there anymore :smile:

The workaround does apply to the latest release, 3.2.4. The problem will be fixed in the next release, 3.2.5, but you can install a release candidate 3.2.5-RC2 if you want the fix now, see https://sourceforge.net/projects/phplist/files/phplist-development/

I dont get it. I have 3.2.4. but those lines of code are not in admin/editattributes.php 153-157
These are the lines 153-157 in editattributes.php :

  while ($row = Sql_Fetch_Row($res)) {
    if (deleteItem($table,$id,$row[0])) {
    } else {
      if ($errcount > 10) {
        print $GLOBALS['I18N']->get('* Too many errors, quitting')."

\n"; break;

Sorry for bothering…

@accorinti I don’t know which version you have installed. Possibly you have upgraded from an older version but didn’t install all of the files.

Regardless you should be able to work out which lines need removing, look about 15 lines earlier in the file, or as I suggested, upgrade to 3.2.5-RC2.

I have 3.2.4 installed. In the file as second line there is this:

# $Id: editattributes.php,v 1.6 2008-01-16 05:41:28 brian_252 Exp $

Nowhere I could find anything about Token or Access
you can find the file here:

I will try upgrading, thanks again for your support.

@accorinti That particular file is a few years old, so I guess that either you are looking at the wrong set of files, or you have a mixture of different phplist releases.
I think that upgrading is the best solution.