[SOLVED] List of Campaigns not updating after upgrade

Greetings phplist users!

I recently upgraded from verson 3.0.10 to 3.2.5 and now my new campaigns are not updating. I can see my old campaigns “viewed” “Unique Views” and "bounced ".

But now, after the upgrade, I sent an email campaign out and my “List of Campaigns” is blank like this:

viewed 0
Unique Views 0
Bounced 0

Please help.

Did you check that you have php v5.4+ installed?
phpList 3.2.5 requires a newer version of php than 3.0.10

Ah! Got it. I will upgrade. My php version is:


Thank you.

Greetings phplist users!

I solved my problem of my new campaigns not updating by using the correct .htaccess file in /admin and NOT in /lists.

My edited .htaccess file has this in it:
AuthUserFile /var/www/.phplistadmin
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Private"
Require valid-user

The problem was that after the upgrade, I placed this file in /lists when it should have been placed in /admin to protect /admin with a username and password. By moving it from /lists (this is not where I should have placed it) to /admin, my campaigns are being updated again. My mistake!

This case is now SOLVED.

Thank you.