SOLVED: Issues with Advanced Statistics plugin

Looking for information on where in the backend database the advanced statistics plugin pulls opens, clicks, etc. from?

Suddenly only the phplist built-in statistics information works - clicking on the “advanced statistics” show no opens, clicks, reads, etc. even though phplist built-in statistics information is working just fine.

Is this plugin still being developed and does it still work with 3.3.3?


@pancakehollow The plugin uses the same data as core phplist. So if it not showing any opens for a campaign then the equivalent phplist page should also show no opens. If that is not the case then please provide some screenshots to show the differences.

I’ve uploaded screenshots of the stock statistics page as well as the advanced statistics. Hope this helps.

@pancakehollow On the Advanced Statistics page, look at the Lists tab. Have you selected a single list instead of ‘All lists’?

Your list selection is shown immediately above the graph.

Ah! You are a life saver: I have so many lists I didn’t see the “All” way down at the bottom.

Thank you!