[SOLVED] How to change "Stop sending after" to 1 year or more by all at once

Programmer are often far from reality. They think the do something good when they set 6 month as standard, which I later have known. Now I have over 1000 messages and autoresponder set and had to cerrect this manually. And it seems not to be a general seeting option for thsi.

Who can help me to change this at once, please! Even if I had to work with sql. I really don’t want to edit each message manually.

As nobody helps I had to do this manually, but maybe a suggestion for programmer.

You should be able to do this via an SQL query. Check the database tables which are used by the auto responder plugin using either the MySQL command line client, or a Web UI like phpmyadmin. There you can find where the cake for ‘stop sending after’ is stored, and write an SQL query to update it.

Thanks a lot! I did it manually, several hors ;(
Wky there is no general option for such important thing?