[SOLVED] Empty fields after entering text since upgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2

Since the upgrade to 3.2.2 the system will not retain fields like Subject. After entering text and moving to the Next screen, when I return to the first screen, the Subject is empty.

I have upgraded to 3.2.2 using Installatron. I also upgraded the DB from PHPList. When I reverted to 3.2.1 from backup, the problem was gone. I tried again and the problem was back…



What version of PHP are you running? Remember, phpList 3.2.2 needs PHP 5.5 or above. If you can upgrade it and then see if the issue is fixed please?

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Yes, you are right, that was it. DirectAdmin allows us to change the PHP version, which I hadn’t checked. Sorry for this and thanks for your help!

Great Stuff! Thanks for letting us know it is now solved.