[SOLVED] Database error 1146 - no access to initialise database

I’ve installed phplist onto quite a few domains before but I am having issues for the first time. When I go to the landing page it says there is the following error:

Database error 1146 while doing query Table ‘immorqybbc_db1.phplist_config’ doesn’t exist

Any ideas what the issue is? I created my database as normal. The database is immorqybbc_db1. I have no idea where the ‘.phplist_config’ comes from and my hosting provider says the database is empty.

The landing page can be found at http://www.immortalmail.co.za/lists/admin/

@Phatwozza That happens if you have already used phplist in the browser session, then decide to delete and reinstall.
You should close your browser so that the php session is deleted.

thanks Duncan, that was easy - wish I mentioned it before I reinstalled 3 times lol