[SOLVED] Admin page is blank on fresh installation of 3.4.7

I have just installed a fresh copy of phplist.
I uploaded the files, created the database, edited the config file.
On accessing the admin page (mydmain.dom/lists/admin) everything is blank.
Inspecting the code the reason is that it is simply hidden by css.
the page body is set to “”.
What’s going on? I was expecting to be able to create the tables in the databases from here.
Did something changed that is not yet available in the manual?
Thank you.

i solved the issue by enabling troubleshooting and checking the php error messages. It turned out that my php.ini did not have a default “date.timezone” setting.
That was all that was needed.

Hi @marcobat and welcome to the phpList forum :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing what fixed your problem! This might help others in the future.