[SOLVED] 3.3.4 stops before all mails are sent

I have sent 2 mailings so far on version 3.3.4. Both times the campaigns were finished before all mails are sent.

I have been sending 3 newsletters (campaigns, 3 different languages) and use the segmentation plugin for each language. I am using a cron.

I receive an e-mail notification stating campaign finished but when I check only 448 of over 2600 are sent out in the main language. Campaigns are in the sent senction of Messages and 448 are processed.
Out of the 3 languages, only 1 has been sent fully, 2 I needed to put back in queue, Then it works OK until every mail has been send.

Subscribers are confirmed. Hoster has set limit on 3500 mails/day, Total subscribers are around 3000.

Never had this before, Is this due to the new version? Is there a setting I need to check? Do not know what has changed and where to find the origin of this.
Any help appreciated!

The only time I’ve had phpList get ‘stuck’ when sending a campaign is when there was a bad email address, and it got stuck and couldn’t proceed, so I’d look at that first.

You might want to make sure you have the correct version of php installed (I think it requires 5.6 or later?).

Thank you for your input,
I will check on corrupt/bad mail-adresses.

PHP7.1 is running now, the first mailing was still on PHP7.0, I suspect that will not be the issue.

In the suscriber cleanup section, I ran “cleanup invalid mail-addresses”, zero found.
Also, when I import addresses, I choose to skip invalid ones.

I think bad mail addresses will not be the cause.
Anybody any ideas?

@Ronald2404 Look in the event log for the period when phplist sent a campaign that was not fully sent. There might be some indication as to why it thought that the campaign sending was complete.

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Could this be it? This comes along in log of the first mailing a few times, and in the last mailing once:

1 Oktober 2018 13:11:32 Introducing extra delay to decrease throttle failures
1 Oktober 2018 13:11:32 There have been more than 10 attempts to send to Microsoft that have been blocked for domain throttling.

If I understand correctly I should lower the throttle to get more delay. Am I correct?

@Ronald2404 I guess that phplist gets to the point that it cannot send any further emails due to the domain throttle settings. Increasing the delay might just make that worse.

Unless you know that you need domain throttling then I suggest not using it because its effect is unpredictable.

I thought that the problem might be caused by the Segment plugin but it doesn’t look so.

Thanks for your input.

Next mailing, I will turn off domain throttling, see how that goes. Maybe I play around with the batch sizes and periods to avoid oversending to certain domains, as more than half of the list is to gmail and hotmail together. As the next mailing is in 2 weeks, please be patient for my findings.

I cannot rule out the segment plugin as the log is a bit vague, it mentions all subscribers instead of the segment. When calculating the segment during composing the campaign the numbers are correct. (In the new version also showing the first 50, I noticed)

Log says 2943 subscribers (=all subscribers), message 602 is in a language (segment) with only 116 subscribers.
I wish the log would mention 116.

1 Oktober 2018 03:47:18 Processed 2943 out of 2943 subscribers
1 Oktober 2018 03:37:05 Found them: 2943 to process
1 Oktober 2018 03:37:05 Looking for subscribers
1 Oktober 2018 03:37:05 Processing message 602

The problem is still there. Now, I upgraded to 3.3.5.
Disabled domain throttling, adjusted batch size and enabled autothottling.

Sending out 3 campaigns, only the main language, goes through all the way (2600 sunscribers).
Get mail all 3 campaings are finished, but when I check only 1 has gone though and 2 are finished without having sent anything, Those 2 have around 200 subscribers each…

No clue in the logbook:

|13744|2 November 2018 02:50:59|It took 14 seconds to send this message|
|Pagina: processqueue||
|13743|2 November 2018 02:50:58|Processed 2967 out of 2967 subscribers|
|Pagina: processqueue||
|13742|2 November 2018 02:50:44|Found them: 2967 to process|
|Pagina: processqueue||
|13741|2 November 2018 02:50:44|Looking for subscribers|
|Pagina: processqueue||
|13740|2 November 2018 02:50:44|Processing message 610|.

When I requeue the messages (without any editing) they go though all the way, like they should have done in the first place.

Have a feeling this is indeed a segment problem not recognising subscribers or fields to select from.
Any help appreciated!

@Ronald2404 Thanks for the further information. There does look to be a problem with the Segment plugin when phplist processes more than one campaign in a run of processqueue.

I’ll try to repeat the problem then amend the plugin, but that might take a few days.

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No hurry, but a fix would be great. Just trying to send out like I am used to. It looks like a bug if I get a mail “campaign finished” while in fact nothing has been sent…

Just for your info: all subscribers from the 3 campaigns were all in one and the same list, just with different attributes, dont know if that makes a difference for you to reproduce it.


@Ronald2404 There is a new release of the plugin that fixes the problem that you identified. You can update the plugin on the Manage Plugins page.

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Fantastic, thank you very much for your help!
I try this update next time. Keep up the good work!!


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