“Silently” removing a subscriber?

I use my mailing list to send invitations to live events. I have an unusual situation where I need to remove a “mischief-making” subscriber from my list without having them know they’ve been removed…

Can an admin blacklist them I such a way that the subscriber will not be notified in any way that they have been removed? I don’t want them to immediately resubscribe. If so, please tell me how this is done.

Thank you!!!

As far as I know, you can simply Blacklist a subscriber on the Subscriber Profile page, and Save the changes and that is it, the subscriber is not informed as their email address is blacklisted so they do not receive any further emails.

If you decide to later change their blacklisting, I think you would need to use phpMyAdmin to edit the database directly.

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You can un-blacklist within phpList:
Subscriber profile screen > subscription tab > click “remove from blacklist” button

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A belated thank you to you both!

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