Shrinking my database

Can someone please advise me on what to do in order to take the size of my database down significantly? I have only around 2,000 subscribers on my server, and probably 5 finished campaigns, but yet my database is 1.8GB+(!)

I’ve already tried to go in and remove the bounces, etc. I’ve optimized my database, and done everything that I can think of to wrestle the database down to a more manageable size, but it seems that no matter what I do, I’m constantly confronted with the incredible self-growing database that seems to grow even when nothing is happening with a campaign!

Can someone clue me in as to what might be afoot here? I’m stumped!

Thanks in advance!

Nobody has any idea what could be causing the database to grow to monstrous proportions here?

You will need to provide information about exactly which tables are contributing most towards the database size.

You will also need to say what version of phpList you are using.