Setup in a Multi-Headed Environment

I’m looking for information on proper settings to configure phplist to run in a cluster of web servers with one database and an nfs share to sync uploaded files. I want to make sure all the web servers can act the same, with the same access to session and file info.

I have mysql sessions configured for the admin, but do regular user sessions need anything special?

I have mapped $attachment_repository, and $tmpdir to nfs shares, are there any more settings related to file paths I missed? or any articles that I might of missed?


Version: 3.4.1, MySQL 5.7, Ubuntu 16

Is anyone running this on a cluster of webservers?

Sounds like you’ll want to switch off the Automatic Updater, double check your phpList queue processing setup, and consider enabling parallel queue processing if you expect multiple admins sending concurrent campaigns.

@samtuke Will do, thanks!