Server Side or Hosted

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum.

So it looks like PHP List has changed a LOT over the years :slight_smile: and for the better.

I need an autoresponder that also has a broadcast feature & I don’t think this software has that, correct?

Also, I didn’t know there’s a hosted version, not just a server side one.

I really wanted a server side because I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee, but since I don’t send out a lot of e-mails, I can use the basic account.

What are the differences between the 2 different accounts besides the obvious?


Hello? Can someone please answer my question or tell me where to find the answer?

@RapidFinancialSoluti If you want to use the Autoresponder plugin then you will need to install phplist yourself. That plugin is not available in phplist hosted.

Ok, so is there a comparison list of features for both the hosted & server side PHP List?

Thanks duncanc

@RapidFinancialSoluti I don’t really know. Each has its own explanation