Sending was interrupted and incomplete, how do I send to remaining subscribers?

I have 15 lists. These are a total of 800 subscribers.
I have sent a message. There are sent just 239 subscribers.
How can I send the remaining subscribers

You choose your lists when you are composing. If you choose a list then it is sent to everyone on that list, unless they are on another list you chose.

Can you read the manual

I recommend


Thanks anna!
But it has not sent to all subscribers, it was interrupted. How can I resume the processing?

Ah, I see. Is it marked as sent? Is it in the sent tab of your view campaigns page?

Yes, in the sent tab. And it shows 239 subscribers. But I sent it to 800 subscribers!
And when I sent it again there is a message “Diese Nachricht wurde bereits gestoppt. Es werden keine E-Mails verschickt.”

Hi, I am not sure, but I changed your subject to make it clearer, hopefully someone else will pick it up.

The English equivalent is

This campaign is scheduled to stop sending in the past. No emails will be sent.

On the Scheduling tab there is a date field after when phplist will not send the campaign. It sounds like that is in the past.
You should change it to be in the future then resubmit the campaign.

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sorry.Thats not the solution. Another Question:
In witch mysql-table can I see who has received the newsletter?

What do you mean?

Diese Nachricht wurde bereits gestoppt. Es werden keine E-Mails verschickt.
[/quote]After switching my phplist to German this is exactly the message displayed when I try to submit a campaign with the “Versand beenden nach” date in the past.

So, now I have an old backup of the database restored. Now I could send the remaining recipients. That did not go so far. It was somewhere a problem. Thanks for the Support to all! Greetings stefkey