Sending slower with 3.2.5 than with 2.10.19

Hi there!

After the upgrade from 2.10.19 to 3.2.5 the sending of mails via cronjob is much slower. The amount of recipients is the same, the only difference is the cronjob.

This is the cron for 2.10.19:
<?php include('http://XXXXX/admin/?page=processqueue&login=admin&password=XXXXX'); ?>

And this that one for 3.2.5:
#!/bin/bash cd /XXXXX/admin/ env -i USER=uXXXXX /usr/local/bin/php5.6.12-cli -f /XXXXX/admin/index.php -- -pprocessqueue -c /XXXXX/config/config.php

The cron I took for 2.10.19 does not work with 3.2.5.

Does anybody know, how I could make sending as fast with 3.2.5 as with 2.10.19?

@arada If you look at the event log then you can see how many emails phplist is sending in each batch. Then you will need to try different values for the batch size and batch period to optimise that.