Sending of a batch in dashboard seems don't take account of my config parameter

I have this option in my config.php file
define(“MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE”,190); # my provider limit to 200/hour
define(“MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD”,3600); # 1 hour
define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’,1); # 1 sec between message 190 sec … one batch

I think the system will pause waiting a next batch after sending 190 messages

In the event log I see >

269492 23 Août 2019 21:01:03 Erreur lors de l’envoi d’un e-mail à SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: : Recipient address rejected: You have exceeded the limit of 400 messages per hour and per IP address. Please, re-try later.
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269491 23 Août 2019 21:01:00 Trouvés: 414 à traiter
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In 3 seconds a limit of 400 messages is reach …
It seems to me that phplist don’t take account of my config file.!
Why 400 ? my limit is 190 !

Could you help me ?
Is the SMTP error a message from my provider and not from phplist ?
Thanks in advance.

Jc. Marbaix