sending issue in phplist v3.3.7

Thanks a lot for all valuable efforts you and the phplist team did and still doing for open source software

I installed phplist to use it

Yesterday I added a list for my team and sent a campaign, it`s okay for one time but when tried to send new campaign again to the same list didn’t send

Today I added a new list and move my team subscribers to it and sent campaign it`s okay but when I tried to send a new campaign to the same list didn’t send

I don`t know what is the problem, is phplist send only one campaign daily to the subscribers and not send again even if the campaign is new or what is the problem

There another one more thing when I send a campaign and after campaign status submitted I have to go to "log of events" to select “ process the queue“ to start campaign , my question is why not go automatically and no need to go manually to do this

Thanks a lot

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.

Firstly see here for info on methods of sending with phpList :

Second, it’s strange that the first campaign only is received are you sure it’s a new campaign that you’re sending each time? To prevent duplicates, phpList only allows you to send one campaign to each recipient once. Are you processing the queue after adding each new campaign?

Hope that helps.