Sending email to list

hi my self thejdeep i am not able to send email to my list continuously actually i made test list with 7 subscribers i am not able to send email to all the list at a time when i process the queue it send only one email in the list in the list of camping it shows
5 still to process
to send the mail to 7 members i need click 7 time to process the queue please help to fix this

Unfortunately, I don’t think that this is the issue here, and anyway, the remote queue processing (from
) is free so he doesn’t need to day.

It seems to me like the issue is to do with batch processing, but I am not an expert in that as I use myself so it’s automated

Dear anna, I just wanted to thank you! Due to your kind comment I managed to find a way where I can setup the cron job from my DirectAdmin. It’s very easy and simple using this command. /usr/local/bin/wget http***username*** password. :slight_smile: :):slight_smile:

Forget about paid cron job now :slight_smile:

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I am glad to be of service :smile: