Sending an email to an email address and getting it delivered to the list

Hi guys! I used to send email to followers by yahoogroups: that service permits me to send a single email to a group email, and yahoo sends it to all the group.

Is there a way to do it in phplist?


using phplist…

if you have 1000 subscribers… with just one click you can send an email message to all 1000 subscribers…

phpList can send one email to many subscribers. The Yahoo groups are usually used for two way communications (sending and receiving by all users). Yahoo would be considered a ‘many to many’ system.

phpList is primarily a ‘one to many’ system… where you can send an message to many subscribers. It will NOT post any replies back to all of the subscribers. Replies are sent to the sender only.

What I want to do is to prepare a message with a php app and let the php app automatically send the message to all the subscribers of a phplist list without any user intervention.

Is it possible?

With yahoogroups I could do it (actually I could do it until the enforced their antispam policy) sending a single email to, and yahoogroups delivered it to all the group subscribers.

yes, that’s how phpList works. You would create your message within phpList. It will send to everyone on a list.

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No, I want to create the message which will be delivered to the list without any user action, only by php code, and pass it to phplist with some command and get it delivered without any manual intervention

You might be better off using a list manager, such as Majordomo or Mailman to do this.

If you wanted to try phpList, you would want to use a plugin called submitbymail

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