Sending a page both html and text

My newsletter has two versions, one is a dynamic page, html formatted that I send using the option “Send a webpage” this works perfectly.
The other version is a text version, also a page, dynamically generated formatted as text, the php just returns text, line breaks and urls, my idea is to send this page as the text version of the newsletter, the content is almost the same just formatted differently and no images.

I´ve tried the [URL: …] tag in the tab “Text” (after activating this option in the config file) but it just sends the URL.

Of course I could just use the option that creates a text version from the html version but it has too many stuff and I want the text version to be easy to read and contain only the minimum content.

I know that being a webpage it is supposed to be html but in this case it is not. does a function to parse and send a page for the text version exists?


No, I don’t think so. Your best bet is to just copy and paste the content into the text version tag I guess. You could make a feature request though

Thank you Anna

Copy/paste is what I do now. The idea was to automate the process… :smile:

I´ll take a look at the link you suggested.


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