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Sending a campaign for a number of business emails


Hi all,
I’m new to phpList and I tried to send a campaign to gmail and business emails for testing, it did sent to gmail email but not business email.
Can you help me resolve this issue please?

Appreciate your reply


Are you sending to different emails in the same domain? Can you try different domains? Maybe your email was caught by a spam filter.


Hi Angel,
Many thanks for your reply.

I tried sending to a different domain but the email’s been delivered as a spam.
So I wondered if this would be the case with the most domains that I will send campaigns for.

For the email was caught by a spam filter, what should I do to prevent this spam?
Thanks again


Have you set up DKIM and SPF records? Are you using phpMail() or SMTP?

I don’t know for sure if DKIM/SPF works with phpMail() or not, sorry.

You can read my blog on setting DKIM/SPF here.