Send as webpage : charset issue

I’m using phplist v3.0.12 via google chrome 42 on a MacBook Pro running OSX Yosemite.

I use an automaticly generated html newsletter I would like to send as a web page via phplist.
The newsletter HTML charset is in ISO-8859-1, and I can’t change it.

When I try to send this newsletter as “send as a webpage”, the special characters like é,è,à are broken, as phplist is sending the mail in UTF-8. I tried to change my .inc language file to 8859-1 but it dosen’t help. I tried to adapt this v2.0 method , but it doesn’t seems to work.

How can I send 8859-1 web pages ?

Thanks for your time !

I believe this is inherent in the html page to email converter.

If you can run your page through this converter:

and send the modified page, then everything will render properly.

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