Send as web page

Since upgrading to phplist 3.2.4 the option to send as web page is not there. How do I get this option back or is there a work around.
Thank you

Send a webpage is still there as an option when sending a campaign in phpList 3.2.4

If you cannot see it, you may have some files missing or perhaps your PHP version is outdated? phpList 3.2.x requires a PHP version above 5.4

Thank you server crashed and had to reinstall apache will check on version of php.

Thank you

I have php 5.3.10 any php module that needs to be added. I’ve used this for about a year before apache crashed and it worked. Apache crashed the day I was upgrading so I was thinking it was php list.

Thank you for the input


@scdcardinal You probably need to enable the php curl extension.

Thank you adding php curl was the answer.

Thank you