Segmentation Plugin As Autoresponder Help Needed

I’m trying to set up an autoresponder using the segmentation plugin as per the instructions at the bottom of the docs, but can’t seem to get it right.

I can set the after interval operator at email is @ and it shows all of the subscribers to the list

But I don’t understand what it means when it says to select subscribers whose attribute value is the specified number of days before the current date.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That is trying to describe the result of using the “after interval” operator on a date field or attribute. The plugin should select those subscribers. It is not an extra step for you do to.

I think I see;

what code would I use in the segment if I wanted to submit the next message in the series 2 days after a subscriber subscribed to the list?

@rsalars You use either the date they signed-up to phplist field or the date subscribed to list field, depending on exactly which you need, with an “after interval” value of 2 days.

So would something like this work? Thank you!

@rsalars Those conditions are not being used as an autoresponder.

I don’t understand the condition for the email address, and the second will select people who subscribed to the list after 1 Sep. If you want to send to people 2 days after they subscribed then you need to use the “after interval” operator on the “date subscribed to list” field.

OK, I see I think like this then.

@rsalars Yes that should do what you want.
Note that it will include all people who subscribed at least 2 days ago, so there may well be some who subscribed a lot longer ago, say weeks ago.

If you don’t want those older subscribers to be included then you can add another condition to limit the subscribe date to be later than some date. You appeared to be trying to do that in an earlier screenshot, 1 Sep 2020.

Understood-thank you very much for helping with this!