Seems cron job is not running

I am using ubantu server. I want to run mail queue automatic. I do not want to open browser. Cron job is not running command phplist -pprocessqueue > /dev/null 2>&1, whenever same command is running from server ssh command and start queue.
I have also created /usr/local/bin/phplist. I also checked after changing permission of hosting user but nothing happend.
Also added define (“MANUALLY_PROCESS_BOUNCES”,0); in config.php But nothing happened.

Please guide me for running cron job. It`s not possible to open admin browser every time .

You should save the output to a file so that you can see what is happening.

For which file are you talking? Please let me more about this. How can we do it.

Change the command to save the output to a file

phplist -pprocessqueue > /dev/null 2>&1


phplist -pprocessqueue > processqueue.log 2>&1

Then any errors should be shown in that file.

after this nothing happened . unable to understand this.