Seem to have lost posts from today (message from dan)

Just noticed that a number of topics and replies made today have disappeared.
For example this one

I am guessing they deleted it themselves? have asked here

We can use our meta forum category to discuss these things - will post this message there

I think this happened yesterday when upgrading discourse and upgrade process was interrupted. Then, restarted postgresql and some post were missing IIRC.

As far as I know, this won’t happen again whit the fixed postgresql version, and will try harder for discourse upgrades to not be interrupted. And not 100% sure, but I think there is now way to recover them :-/

Were a lot of posts ? Is this a big problem? (assuming it won’t happen again, of course)

think it’s fine, no worries

@danwaterloo fyi - there was an issue during an upgrade which caused the loss of those posts, not much to be done, hopefully won’t happen again

Actually, I raised the topic originally :wink:

yeah, I know - just letting you know the cause :slight_smile: