Second campaign mailing to a List

I think I know the answer to this question, but wanted to confirm. If the answer is in either the new documentation or the older orange documentation I can’t find it.

I have a small list I want to send a follow-up email too. The subscribers were imported by m. The subscribers were added to the main newsletter list as well as the sublist. There have been some unsubscribes.

  1. When the unsubscribe happens, the subscriber is removed from BOTH lists, correct?

  2. When I send the follow-up email to the sublist, am I correct in thinking the unsubscribes will not get the second email?

EDITED: Additionally, when I pull in a list, there are often subscribers who are already on my main list. I pulled emails into the sublist without doing any sorting, and apparently several of my usual subscribers were pulled into the sublist from the imported emails. Is there a way to avoid this when importing or will I need to filter the list before hand?

Sorry for the simplistic question, but I’d rather ask a dumb question than tick off people who don’t want to receive communication from me.


HI Monica,

Think of subscribers as individual people, and lists as groups of people.

  1. When a person unsubscribes, it marks them to not receive any emails. They are ‘blacklisted’, but still belong to the various lists.

  2. When someone is blacklisted, they will not receive any more emails.

  3. Then your subscriber is part to two groups… the main and the sub lists. If you send a campaign to both groups, they will only get one email.

You would have to sort this out before your importing, but you could easily leave them on both lists.


My apologies for the delay in expressing my thanks. The notification got buried in my inbox.

And just to be clear, blacklisted not matter how my lists(groups) their on, they’ll not receive any emails period. Just want to be sure.

Thanks so much! Monica

Hi @Monica,

Yes, that’s correct.


AWEsome!! thank you!