Search subscribers using attributes

I have various attributes that I’ve added for entering additional info about each user.

I now want to search for certain subscribers using a key word in one of these attributes which is a ‘text area’ - but this particular attribute doesn’t show in the search page’s dropdown list of fields to search in?

From looking at which fields are avialable to search through in the dropdown, I suspect that the reason this field doesn’t show up is because it’s not a ‘text line’ (since the ‘text line’ fields are the only ones that show up) as opposed to a ‘text field’, ‘Select’ or ‘CheckboxGroup’ type attribute.

Is this correct - and if so, how can I search for a word in a ‘text field’ as opposed to a ‘text line’?

For instance would this scenario be possible . . . if I temporarily convert the attribute field to a ‘text line’ - then perform the search - and then change it back to a ‘text field’ . . . will I have corrupted (or changed) the data stored in that field for each subscriber?

Any help with the above would be most appreciated

Many thanks as always


@phillegg You can use the Subscribers plugin to search any type of attribute.

Wonderful Duncan - Thanks a lot :smiley: