Safely remove subscribers from Autoresponder?

I want to repeatedly test my autoresponder campaigns with 4-5 email addresses. Once I go through one run, can I safely remove them from that list and then add them back in so the autoresponder will treat them as a new autoresponder campaign?

@DanOShea No, you would also have to remove rows from the usermessage table to let phplist send the campaign to them again.

But if you delete the autoresponder then that will also remove the rows from usermessage for the campaign. Then create a new autoresponder using the same campaign.

It might be useful for testing an autoresponder to have a way to remove the rows from the usermessage table and maybe the listuser table also. I’ll see whether that can easily be done.

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Good to know.

A testing platform for the autoresponder to add/remove then add the same subscriber (test emails) again to do a retest would be helpful. I set this “test” an hour apart on a 15-campaign testing cycle that will eventually go over 180 days.

Thank you for all your help.

@DanOShea I have added a reset autoresponder function, which will delete the rows from usermessage and listuser tables relating to the autoresponder’s message and the list or lists selected for that message.

You can update your installation on the Manage Plugins page.

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Awesome! Very helpful indeed!

Thank you for your efforts.

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