Reuse campaign with the same list

I use phpList twice a month to solicit event helper volunteers from our club’s volunteer pool. The mails are very similar but not appropriate for templates (I believe). What I’d like to do is edit a past campaign, update the dates, details, and specific needs for that particular event. It gets sent to the same list usually, but occasionally to a couple lists. What happened when I edited and requeued a campaign to the exact same list, no mail was sent! I gather that it tracks who got the original message and since it’s the same folks, sends nothing. Is there a plug-in that will erase past recipients so I can reuse old campaigns?

What you would want to do is install @duncanc 's plugin: Manage Campaigns. If you want to ‘re-send’ your campaign, you would use the Manage Campaigns plugin to copy the last campaign, then edit the copy with your new changes, re-select your list, and send.

In phpList, ‘config’, ‘manage plugins’.
Don’t forget to install the ‘common’ plugin first, as mentioned on the github page.