Restore System Template [solved]

I somehow managed to destroy the System Template. I work on 3.3.3 and tried to modify it, but… When I restored the whole installation nothing changed. Can anybody, please tell me the name and location where I can find the unchanged System template file so that I can start anew from scratch? Thanks a lot in advance.
Regards Rainer

Ok, may be I can answer myself - to certain extent. The default system template is created when you press the knob by a php script called “defaultsystemtemplate.php”. And this contains all information you need to have to reconstruct this basic format - just a few lines of html.

However, there is a bug in the script (there are probably other files involved). I reported in the development category. Though this problem is solved I do not get a clean code for the system template because each time I open it there is unwanted code introduced. This code seems to be no danger but annoying it seems to be from some part of my own file system. Bye.

Edit: no bug present, but problem with installation of CKeditor Plugin on my PC or some undetected malware…