Responsive template

Thanks for producing such a helpful package. I could not get MailChimp to do what I wanted, so I turned to phpList. It took a while (doesn’t it always?) but I’ve sent my first newsletter to 132 people interested in Christian Meditation in the North East.

I mention that because, in the spirit of Open Source (and because PHP is beyond me), i’m offering you the template I developed for it: Feel free to use it (or not) as you see fit.

It illustrates how to use responsive HTML5/CSS to show the same page on computer, tablet and phone. A Google Font is used. One image is resized. Another has alternative renderings. The layout shifts as needed, and text size varies on smaller screens. For Intermediate users, happy to write Source<> on occasion.

[Of course the file will not be there forever, but I’ll leave it there for a few months.]

Keep up the good work.
Christopher Willmot


Thank you for that, impressive and when I have the time, I’ll change your images for those more suited to my site.

Thanks again

@javalava Many thanks for your feedback, and for sharing your template – I’ll try it out