[RESOLVED] Sent part of the campaign


I have 3 lists totaling 3000 and emails.

I sent a campaign and was only sent 2000 emails.

How do I send another 1000 that are mixed in the 3 lists?




Sounds like you have duplicates or some incorrectly formatted mails. If you send a campaign to 3 lists phpList will send to the maximum number of subscribers, but it won’t send to the same subscriber twice or send to an email that is incorrectly formatted. It’s pretty darn accurate, so I would trust that the total sent is correct :smile:


It happened that there was an interruption while sending a campaign to 3 lists

Well if you just re-queue it it should go out to everyone else :smile:

Well if you just re-queue it it shouldnt go out to everyone else

If I send again the same year for the same lists, emails you have received, receive again. If I do this will look like SPAM. The same campaign twice. There must be some way to send only emails that did not receive the campaign.

no, the sam campaign, with the same id (ie just press re-queue) will not go to the same subscribers twice. phpList is built to never send the same campaign to the same subscribers twice :smile:

In phpList 3 the re-queue button is just a play button in the sent tab of your campaigns page x

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