[RESOLVED] PHPList API - Login problem


I’m new to phplist and I’m trying to use the API, I installed the API plugin, downloaded the API client and try to login and add some subscribers to the phplist (I just need to turn the add subscribe action automatically from my website database).

But when I try to login I receive the follow error:

PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in example.php

I investigated and this error is happen because the return of the login to the api is null and the client try to return $result->status == ‘success’.

I’m using user name and password that I use to login the web interface and that’s working fine.

I tryed to login use CURL but I receive the same erro, null return from the call to the method:


How can I debug the login process? How can I solve this problem?


Hi I found the problem! The option Require the secret code for Rest API calls was YES.

Sorry for my mistake!