[RESOLVED] Getting white screen of death all of a sudden

When I go to the admin login page I am able to enter my username and password.

After clicking Login I am presented with a white screen

Last line of html is I have hidden the domain name with xxxxx

:h4 class=“pagetitle”;Dashboard:/h4;:div class=“hidden”;:a href="[./?page=home&tk=0b50b5254b9cc0af5e713a7763f33a51] view-source:http://xxxxx.com/elist/admin/?page=home&tk=0b50b5254b9cc0af5e713a7763f33a51" title=“Go to the dashboard page”;Dashboard:/a;:/div;:noscript;:div class=“note d533fc9acf638d1”;:a href="./?page=home&action=hidenote&note=d533fc9acf638d1" class=“hide ajaxable” title=“Close this box”;Hide:/a;:p;phpList will work without Javascript, but it will be easier to use if you switch it on.:/p;:/div;:/noscript;

I have replaced < with : and > with ; and removed [ and ] around view-source

Any ideas on what the issue could be. The hosting company has just enabled rewrite for another program.


AddHandler custom-php .php .pcgi .php .inc .php~ .php~ .inc~ .html~
Action custom-php /cgi-sys/php7.0

to the top of the .htaccess file in the phplist root directory.

Thank you for posting your fix, always helpful to know what worked for you, and in case others have the same issue.