[RESOLVED] Content Areas : error after update : 1.5.0+20160110


I’ve juste updated Content Areas to the version : 1.5.0+20160110

since, i can’t see Preview or send a campaign test

i’ve this error :
PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Crossjoin\PreMailer\HtmlString’ not found in XXXXX/phplist-3.0.12/lists/admin/plugins/ContentAreas/CssInlinerFactory.php on line 24, referer: https://XXXXX/lists/admin/?page=send&id=68&tk=52&tab=Edit+Areas

any ideas? perhaps @duncanc?


@sdesrousseaux The plugin now requires phplist version 3.2.1 or later, so you will need to upgrade phplist.

If that causes disruption then there are three things you can try

ok, thx for your answer !