Reset Import session button (csv)

Having had a failed csv import, the help says to press that button.

But of course, no such button exists anywhere I could see. And it then refuses to do anything further.

(I am using the Softaculus version.)

So I guess I need to hack the database. Details as to how would be helpful.

Also, to confirm all users I just
update plxk_user_user set confirmed=1
which seems to work.

To unblacklist someone requires more work, it seems to be stored redundantly in several tables.

I am also experimenting to see what happens if one imports twice, do users end up with duplicate emails? I wish people would not add surrogate keys everywhere (id).



@aberglas The button should appear as in this screenshot

The button appeared when I tried again today.

But I’d swear it was not there yesterday. Maybe too much PHP is rotting my brain? Or there was some funny timeout?

Anyway, thanks, seems to work now.