Requeue - Send message again to same people or ...?

I’m confused about the inner workings and would like to confirm a few things.

When I re-queue a messages, is the message sent again to all people in the selected (lists) ?
Or only to people who may have been added later (e.g. after an import of more users) ?
If not re-sent to everybody, how does one re-send a message to everybody (just for my information).

What if I edit a message and add another list to the lists the message has to be sent to ?
And start sending again … will it only be sent to the people in the new list (that do not also match the previously added list(s))

What if I edit a message (change the text a bit) and continue sending ? Will people who got the email already be sent a new one or only the people who didn’t get the email yet ?

What if I add people (import an external list) while a message is sending ?
Are these people going to get the email as well ? Or does it require a re-queue of the message and how do I prevent people from getting the email twice then ?

I hope my questions make sense ?


phplist doesn’t send a campaign to subscribers to whom it has already been sent.

That probably answers most of your questions. If you want to send the same campaign again to the same subscribers then you need to copy it into a new campaign.

That was very helpful… have been meaning to ask this question, but memory is fragile <grin



Thanks Duncan, it confirms what I thought (and hoped).

Since there are a few parts of the question that are not really answered, like what happens if you add people, add a list, import people, while a message is sending, I assume the best and easiest way to make sure everybody gets the email, is to requeue after changes were made, just to make sure ?