Reply via email is here


I’ve just configured reply via email. It should be working now.

@anna can you confirm? :smile:


test test test test

hello hello

So how about posting a new thread by email?

That’s what I meant yesterday when I say to tell me when you want to
talk about that.

It’s just a matter of configuring the email of them. It is explained here:

it should be just a matter of adding the email we want to use to create
a topic to the category settings.

With current email configuration, the email used for it should be something like:


So, for the new email on dev, it could be:

Or, if we want, we can enable particular addresses for new topic
creation too. As the community think is more appropriate.

There are also some settings, specific to discourse, about what is the minimum user “trust level” to be able to create a new topic via this feature and stuff. I’d really like the community (or you @anna at least) opinion about that. If not, I’d just leave the discourse defaults :smiley:

Well, these things can be adjusted as we go along I suppose. Right now the priority is mimicking the behaviour of the current mail-man lists as closely as possible, so a single email to replace each list for example. The lists we have areDevelopers, Translators and Documenters - and those also match the categories we have on the forum, so each list should post to that category. Also people need to be able to “join” the category somehow.

“join” would be to create an user and watch the category you want and configure to get mails for all posts in that category.That is all discourse settings of each user.

Each email for each category can be configured in the category settings, as explained above. I don’t know the name you want to use nor how you want to coordinate with the community, so when you know feel free to just do it :smile:

Can you please do this for me? You seem to understand it and I don’t really, and I am really snowed under still.

Ok, here is the emails I created where a user can send an email and a discuss topic is created: --> goes to category documentation team --> goes to category development team --> goes to category translation team

I just sent a test to that one and I didn’t post it onto the forum

@anna posts should meet the minimum criteria defined by discourse, even emails. You probably have an answer saying what failed there. Let me know if it doesn’t work :slight_smile: