Remove subscribers - Mass remove email addresses

Hello, there.
After some time, I noticed I had a lot of “Message Delivery Failure” into my GMail spam folder. So, I undeleted them and I have now a list of subscribers I have to remove.

Please note all of this users in the past received some messages: simply now these accounts don’t exist anymore.

So, I found a very useful feature in Subscribers > Manage Subscribers > Bulk remove Subscribers. I found two things.

  1. a little name error: the menu is called “Bulk remove subscribers”, while one opened it is called “Mass remove email addresses”

  2. I copy and paste the list of the email addresses but PHPList says “xx subscribers could not be deleted, because they have already received campaigns”, which I already know. But, I cannot delete them easily.
    What can I do?

Thank you for your help and support.

PHPList 3.3.7

Hi, you can remove subscribers you already sent an email to only if you add them on the blacklist first.

Then you can remove them by clicking “Delete all blacklisted subscribers” on ‘Reconcile Subscribers’ page.

This was a change made for GDPR compliance along with other changes documented here:

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thank you so much for your explanation.

I live in EU and I know GDPR rules, but I cannot see the point. But, I understand your suggestion and I will do as you told me.

Thank you!

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